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What’s the difference between the packages for the Nursing Assistant Exam Prep Class?

The basic package is $499. That includes the class fee, the book, and the exam fee. This is the minimum package.

The “Super Package” is $599. That includes the class fee, the book, the exam fee, CPR, First Aid, HIV class, a blood pressure cuff, and a stethoscope.

The “Super Super Package” is $899. That includes the class fee, the book, the exam fee, CPR, First Aid, a blood pressure cuff, a stethoscope, the HHA class and all your inservice hours.

Do I need to buy anything for the class?

No, we provide everything. You may want to bring something to take notes with, like a notebook and pen, but that’s your option.

What do I wear for the class?

You must wear closed-toed shoes and scrubs every day.

What does CNA stand for and what do they do?

CNA is certified nursing assistant or certified nurse aide. They work in nursing homes, hospitals and home health settings. A CNA’s basic duties usually involve activities of daily living, or ADLs. Helping a person get dressed, eat, brush teeth are some (but not all) examples of ADLS.

I have a CNA in another state. Can I transfer it to Florida?

It depends, but the answer is usually yes. Call the Board of Nursing at 850-245-4567 for information on this. Your license or certificate must still be valid in the other state in order to transfer.

I’d like to get my CNA with Express Training, but plan on moving to another state. Will it transfer?

It depends, but the answer is usually yes. You would have to call the Board of Nursing from the new state to find out.

I plan on going to nursing school. Will this class help me?

Having experience as a CNA or as any health care worker is always a plus before starting nursing school. For most nursing schools, having a valid CNA certificate will give you additional points to gain admittance. Each nursing school is different though, and you should do research before taking an Express Training class.

How long are the CNA classes?

For the exam prep class, there are 3 ways you can take it. There’s a 1-week class which goes M-F, 8 am-4 pm each day. There’s a 2-week class which is M-Th, 5 pm-10 pm each night. Finally, there is a weekend class which is 4 Saturdays in a row, 8 am-4 pm each day. For the 120-hour Training Program, the class times vary. Check the schedule or call for more information.

What’s the difference between the exam prep class and the 120-hour training program?

The exam prep class is a lot shorter and you end up with the same exact certificate. The