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Practical Nursing Program

Thank you for your interest in our Practical Nursing (LPN) program. This has been a dream of ours to offer this program for over six years and we are pleased to finally be able to do so. This program was inspired by the pleas of our students wanting a different option in the Gainesville/Lake City/Ocala area.

We will not give out much information over the telephone about this program. All calls will be returned by our Program Director, Linn Nolte. Call and schedule a time to see Linn in the Gainesville office. All of the information about the application process is available on the web site. 

New Class Date!

Next class begins April 20, 2015 Deadline date for completed Application is April 10, 2015.  

We are offering the class twice a year, and will take a limited amount of students for each class session. The spots are going to be very competitive, so before you apply realize the following:

  1. This is a 12 month, 1446 hour program. There are 722 classroom and lab hours and 724 clinical hours. You are expected to make every single clinical session. You can miss an occasional classroom session, but must make it up. You cannot miss ANY clinical hours. If you cannot make the commitment to go to all the classes, do not apply.
  2. The clinical sites range from The Villages south of Ocala all the way up to Lake City and out in Palatka. We have some sites in Trenton and Williston as well. You must have adequate transportation to get to all these places on time. Lack of transportation is never an excuse to miss any of your classroom or clinical hours.
  3. If you look at the class schedule, you will notice that the days and times vary. There are day hours, night hours and weekend hours. The clinical sites often have unusual times available, and we are forced to take what we can get. The schedule is available before you apply, so make sure you can do all the days and times.
  4. There is homework in these classes. As with any other higher level educational class, you should expect to put in at the minimum, 2 hours outside of class for every 1 hour in the class. You may need to do even more. Please make sure you have the discipline to put in these necessary hours.
  5. You must take notes, participate in class and be able to make class presentations.
  6. Check the "financial assistance" tab for payment options.  If you don't have the down payment or cannot get funding, please do not apply.  
  7. You may have taken another one of Express Training Services’ classes. It needs to be understood the previous classes you took are much easier than this program will be.
  8. Finally, Express Training Services does understand people have lives outside of school. However, that doesn’t matter when you take this course. It is very hard, very fast and everyone is expected to do well and pass. We are not interested (on a professional level) about the problems you may have at home, with your family, kids, etc. You have to be able to do everything you have to do in the class despite any outside influences or distractions. Weigh these considerations before thinking of applying.

Now that the negative stuff is out of the way, here are some facts about the program.

  1. The program takes 12 months to complete and totals 1446 hours. After you complete the program, you will be issued a certificate which will enable you to register for the NCLEX, which is the exam you need to pass to become an official LPN. Once you pass the exam, you can apply to become certified with the State of Florida and you are ready to work.
  2. Student must reach age 18 prior to completion of program.
  3. Students must have a working email (must be a "gmail account") address and contact phone number. Emails should be checked daily starting the moment the application is submitted until the last day of the program.
  4. All the classroom and lab hours will take place at the Newberry Road location. See the schedule below for specifics. The clinical hours will vary as to locations and times.
  5. The program is broken up into 12 different classes. You have to complete 1 class before going into the next one. It is expected that all students finish each class together. Getting behind usually results in you being dropped from the program.
  6. The program costs $11125. This includes all tuition, supplies, application fee and registration fee. The only fee this does not include are your books, background fee, drug screening fee and your NCLEX fee.
Application procedures

To apply you must submit all of the following. If anything in your application is missing, we will send you a rejection letter and you would have to re-apply and pay an additional $25 application fee. Our staff will try to help you and make sure you have everything, but it is ultimately your responsibility. Application packets can be mailed or brought in personally, and you should keep a copy of everything you turn into us. We will not make copies for you.

Each application packet must contain the following:

  1. Express Training Services “Practical Nursing Enrollment Agreement” filled out in its entirety. See below for link. By signing this form, you acknowledge you have received a copy of the catalog. The link is below for the catalog, or you can stop by our office and get a printed copy.  Students under 18 years of age must have enrollment agreement signed by parent/guardian. 
  2. $25 application fee. Cash, any credit/debit card or money order only.
  3. Evidence of high school graduation in the United States, or its equivalent or G.E.D. certificate.
  4. T.A.B.E. test scores (must be 11.0 or better on each of the Math, Reading, and Language).  If you have an associates or bachelor's degree from an accredited United States college or unviersity, and can provide proof, this requirement is waived.  (FL Works offers the T.A.B.E. every Friday for free at 8am. One Stop Career Center, 4800 SW 13th St., Gainesville, FL 32608. (352) 955-2245).
  5. A minimum of three references; one should be a work reference and two should be character references. A recent high school graduate should have one from a principal, counselor or teacher. These references cannot be handwritten.
  6. A 1-page, double-spaced typed, essay of 250-500 words, detailing, at a minimum why applicant wishes to become a practical nurse and what qualities applicant believes are needed to be a successful practical nurse. More is usually better, but don’t go over 2 pages.
  7. Valid (not expired) BLS for Healthcare Providers and First Aid Cards, or proof of enrollment in the 2 classes. Needs to be AHA or Red Cross classes, no other card will be accepted.
  8. Copy of your valid driver’s license.
  9. Print out and read the “Practical Nursing Handbook” (below). Print name, date and sign last page and turn in last page with application packet.
  10. Applicants must meet personal health requirements as stated in the Practical Nursing Handbook, which include:
    1. Proof of good mental and physical health as attested by a licensed M.D., D.O. or A.R.N.P. Use “physical form” below, or bring in copy of physical. Cannot be more than 12 months old.
    2. Record of immunizations as follows:
      1. MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)-(Rubella is required). Must have written verification of immunization after 1968 or a positive titer to show immunity to rubella.
      2. PPD-Every student will be required to have a PPD skin test for Tuberculosis. The test must be completed and read as negative prior to any clinical experience. On admission, PPD results cannot be more than 12 months old. During enrollment as a student, the PPD will need to be repeated annually. If the PPD serum cannot be taken, a copy of a chest x-ray report that is no more than one year old must be added to the physical exam report. The chest x-ray must be repeated annually or a written statement from a M.D., D.O., or A.R.N.P. indicating clear respiratory status.
      3. Hepatitis B Vaccination-theschool highly recommends you be immunized against Hepatitis B. If, upon admission to the program you choose not to be immunized, you must sign a letter of declination. If you have been immunized, please provide written documentation of such for your student file.
  11. Print out and read "Practical Nursing Student Policies" (below).  Print name, date and sign last page and turn in last page with application packet.
  12. Proof of professional liability insurance.  There are lots of places to obtain this, but the following will work, and it costs $35/year.
  13. A Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope.

Upon receipt of your completed application packet, you will be required to take a Kaplan entrance exam.  Applicants must score at or above the 62nd percentile on the critical thinking portion of the exam and at or above the 69th percentile on the reading portion.  This exam can only be taken at the school and is at no additonal charge.  You will be contacted by a school official to schedule this exam.  

Upon completion of the entrance exam, we will schedule an interview with our selection committee for every candidate. You will then be notified of entry as soon as possible after the deadline date for applications. Be prepared financially in case you are accepted.

Please realize your application is the only way we can differentiate between you and other candidates applying for the very limited amount of class spaces. Make sure your reference letters are from reputable people who have a good command of the English language and can write and spell well. Make sure your essay is grammatically correct and says everything about you that you want us to know. It is highly recommended you get someone to proof all your documentation (Your high school English teacher is a great idea) before submission.

Once you are accepted, you are required to pay the $100 registration fee, and either pay for or provide background screening results and your drug test.  You will not be allowed to attend the program unless this is done. 

Who gets in?

Deciding who gets accepted will be the hardest part for us. We have to be able, by law, to show how effective our program is. This effectiveness is measured by how well our students do on the NCLEX and how many are placed in jobs. We will try and select only those students who can pass the test and get a job. This is obviously a tough job for us, and it is understood some very qualified candidates will not gain admission. We wish we could accept everyone, but that’s not the way it works.

Good luck

There are a lot of reasons above you shouldn’t apply for the program. It’s time consuming, expensive and a tremendous amount of work. However, there are a lot of reasons you should apply too. If you were an LPN, you can increase your CNA income by 50%, you can make even more of a difference in peoples’ lives and you can challenge yourself to become someone you’ve always wanted to become. Please take the time to read all this information over very carefully, ask questions, and arrange for child care and financing before applying. Good luck.

Financial assistance

Arrange for your financial assistance before applying for the program. How you are going to pay for the course will be the first question asked to you during your interview. Loans take a long time to get approved, so please don't wait until after acceptance to start looking

Express Training Services cannot currently accept federal financial assistance  (this would include Pell Grants). There are multiple other places where student loans can be arranged. Express Training is in the process of finding other student loan sources and they will be added as they are found. We do not recommend any loan source over another source. Keep checking the web site to see if any loan sources have been added.

Refer to "financial assistance" tab on our web site for more information.  

It is very important to understand that these are "loans" and not grants. They must be repaid regardless of whether the program has been completed. Please be careful when setting these loans up. Also remember, the entire fee is due on the first day of class, so do your work on your loan early.


If you would like to make a down payment and pay off the balance during the class, contact Tony at  Arrangements may be able to be made.  

Important Documents:

Physical Form
Practical Nursing Handbook
Course Catalog
Practical Nursing Student Policies
Next Class Schedule
LPN Performance Data


Choose syllabus from dropdown menu:

Ordering books

You can get your books anywhere, new or used.  The following link is available if you so choose.