Captain’s Courses for First Aid & CPR

Express Training Services is a highly reputable company that provides comprehensive Captain's Courses for individuals seeking a Captain's License. These courses are designed to prepare aspiring captains with training in CPR, First Aid, and AED topics. It is important to note that while Express Training Services teaches the skills needed to pass the CPR and First Aid certificate exams, we do not provide the captain's license itself.

First Aid, AED & CPR

The USCG has stringent requirements regarding the First Aid and CPR portions of the Captain's License. Therefore, selecting a course that offers the correct type of certificate is crucial. Choosing an approved training provider is not just important; ensuring your certification meets the USCG standards is essential.

Amerha-216 Certification

Please note that certificates from the American Heart Association or the American Safety & Health Institute are unacceptable for the First Aid portion. The only acceptable certificate for the First Aid portion of the license is the Amerha-216 Certification. In summary, Express Training Services offers courses that are your gateway to a Captain's License. Enrolling in our courses will give you the necessary skills and knowledge to pass the required certificate exams. This will enable you to obtain a Captain's License, opening up a world of opportunities for your career as a captain.

Schedule Your Captain's Course

Our Captain's Courses provide comprehensive training at our well-equipped training facility. Alternatively, we can bring the training to your group's location, allowing you to learn in a familiar environment. Please contact us to sign up for the Captain's Course so we can schedule your group for our First Aid and CPR certificate training. Please call 850-502-5521 if you have any questions. For more information on obtaining a Captain's License, please visit the United States Coast Guard website