80 Hour – Phlebotomy Exam Prep


This workshop is 80 hours in length and costs $900. The fee includes all supplies, training materials, and your exam fees. Check out the schedule at the bottom of the page for class dates, times, and locations.

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This workshop is 80 hours in length and costs $900. The fee includes all supplies, training materials, and your exam fees. Check out the schedule at the bottom of the page for class dates, times, and locations.

Classes must have a minimum of 8 students and are subject to cancellation if the minimum is not met.

High School diploma or GED:
You must be a United States high school graduate or hold equivalent credentials (e.g. GED) to take this course.

When and where will the workshops be offered?
Check out the flyer for your area below. There are various dates and times available, but each workshop is 80 hours in length. The class sizes are small and do fill up quickly, so the date you want might not be available. Call us and verify the class date is available before enrolling online.

Who can take the class?:

  • You must meet at least one of the following qualifications to register:
    • Have current medical licensure (RN, LPN, MD, Dentist, ARNP, etc.)
    • Have current medical certification (CNA, CMA, HHA, Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienist, Pharmacy Tech, EMT, etc.)
    • Be currently enrolled in a school or training program where this will supplement your knowledge in the field (LPN/RN School, Physician’s Assistant School, CNA class, etc.)
    • Be currently working, or have past experience working, in the medical field (hospital, doctor’s office, nursing home).

    We will need written proof of your qualification. You can apply online or over the phone but you must bring proof of your qualification on the first day of your class. Contact us if you have questions about this requirement.

  • You must have a high school diploma or GED
  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must pass a background check.

Why take the class?

  • Will receive nationally accredited phlebotomy certification upon successful completion of the exam
  • Only $900
  • Excellent preparatory work for RN, LPN, or Paramedic programs.
  • Exam on-site

Where can you work?

  • Laboratories
  • Health Clinics
  • Research Clinics
  • Nursing Homes
  • Doctor’s/Vets offices
  • Employment Screening Labs
  • Military

Live “sticks” will be done in the class. These sticks include venipunctures and capillary sticks. These sticks will not be done during an externship but will be done on fellow students and yourself, in a very supervised setting. If you are not comfortable having someone draw your blood, please do not enroll in this class.

The following textbook is required and is not included in the fee:

Phlebotomy Essentials-7th Edition
Author: Ruth E. McCall
Year Published: 2020
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer
ISBN: 9781496387073

Feel free to use electronic versions or print versions.  Whichever you like best.

Financial assistance/Loans:
There are agencies that may pay your class fees.  Click on the “Financial assistance” tab on our website for a list of some of these agencies.

Arrange for your financial assistance before applying for the program. How you are going to pay for the course will be the first question asked to you when you register.

Express Training Services cannot currently accept federal financial assistance  (this would include Pell Grants). There are multiple other places where student loans can be arranged. Express Training is in the process of finding other student loan sources and they will be added as they are found. We do not recommend any loan source over another source. Keep checking the website to see if any loan sources have been added.

Most people who take this class will arrange for an in-house loan.  Here are different options to pay the $900 tuition fees:

Option 1:  Pay the entire $900 at once (our favorite).

Option 2:  Put 40% down, which is $360, and then make 3 weekly payments of $180.

Option 3:  Put 40% down, which is $360, and then make 4 weekly payments of $135.

Regardless of which option you choose, the loan must be repaid before you are allowed to graduate. It is very important to understand that these are “loans” and not grants. They must be repaid regardless of whether the program has been completed. Please understand your responsibilities when deciding to use a loan.

Printable Application:
Click here for a paper application.

Upcoming Classes:

Phlebotomy 80-hour class 2022 schedule